Our Story

At 18 years, old, a young girl gave birth to a little girl out of wet luck. This little girl was born with calcium deficiency. Unable to care for her, and living in poverty, her mother gave her to her father.

3 years after, her father noticed his little girl couldn’t walk. Following a several treatments to improve the calcium in her body, she began to walk. Unaware of her fragile physical state, she carried on as a happy child, but not before she had to learn to slide on the floor on her small buttocks before learning to walk.

While in school, she struggled learning and graduated from high school with very poor grades. Her ambitions where bigger than her humble beginnings. After high school, she managed to graduate from college and went on to work for an airline where she met her husband, a pilot and got married. Two years later, she got pregnant and lost her baby. Shortly thereafter, she lost another pregnancy to preeclampsia, a toxic blood illness.

Her desires to have children cost her much pain and suffering. When she remarried, she tried again to have children but to her misfortune, she lost a baby girl.  Her name was Leilani.

The little girl who was born on dirt floor with calcium deficiency and had struggle in school, to have children, this little girl is I, Frances Mahan.

I always wanted to have a little girl with curly hair and brown eyes, instead, I am the mother of all the motherless and homeless children in this world.