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Who We Are

About Our Charity

Leilani Foundation supports and gives hope to homeless
children and their families by providing food, education and a shelter in our community and abroad.



About the Founder/Director

My name is Frances Mahan. I am an author, screenwriter, and a coach for life improvement. As the owner and director of this foundation, I have like to express my deep and sincere reasons for creating a charity to help children in need. Having the misfortune of losing three children of my own has given me the desire to help children around the world. A loss is not a loss unless hope has been completely surrender.

It is my passion to see a smile on children’s faces, it is what drives me. I cannot rest without given back what I have not been able to conceive. Thus, when I give, I will¬† find love, peace, and gratitude in my heart. It is my mission to help, not to ask. For that is my life purpose.

I have chosen Leilani because it was the name of my little baby girl I lost.  Thank you for your kindness.

Frances Mahan